Oil derivatives prices recover Sulaymaniyah cooperate with Baghdad to supervise the bazian refinery

2017-10-22 at 12:48 (Baghdad time)

Special balance news

Fuel prices and oil derivatives in Sulaimania declined considerably, having risen significantly in the days that followed the referendum in Kurdistan.

Before the events of Kirkuk was per barrel around 180 000 while the price of a liter of gasoline to 850 dinars which led to resentment of citizens who have not received their salaries for three years because of a dispute between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government last rejecting extradition proceeds antibiotic oil fields R from Kirkuk and the province.

The Chairman of the Committee on energy in Sulaymaniyah governorate Council, said Mohamed Ghalib/balance of news/Ministry of oil, "promised to send conservative share of derivatives in the coming days, to be distributed to citizens with winter approaching," pointing out that "oil prices will decrease after the arrival of derivatives Of Baghdad. "

Mohamed said that "Sulaymaniyah is ready to cooperate with the Government in question to the bazian refinery supervised by Baghdad."

Sulaymaniyah saw a return to prices of petroleum prices, with white oil to around 80 000 litres of gasoline price was about 550 dinars.
Gas stations owners say that my oil and gas began flowing naturally after the events of Kirkuk since Iran resumed transit of petroleum bashamak. crossing