Kuwait: There is no dispute with Baghdad on the pricing of Iraqi gas

Kuwait's oil minister said on Sunday that there is no dispute between Baghdad and Kuwait on the issue of pricing Iraqi gas, pointing out that there are negotiations will end soon for the benefit of the two countries.

The newspaper "Al-Rai" Kuwaiti Al-Marzouq said, "The import of Kuwait's Iraqi gas is in the interest of the parties, if the gas is the benefit of power stations, while the gas plants benefit if it is normal."

He added that "in return, Iraq benefits from the export of gas, instead of burning it currently in the absence of plants, (or if it is under construction), and at the same time payment of compensation.

"The price is the last stage in the process, and is subject to a number of considerations, including market prices, the cost of imports and the facilities required for this process in both countries," Al-Marzouq said.