Integrity recovers wasted amounts estimated in billions of retirement and guarantee Dhi Qar

Revealed the Integrity Commission for the ability to recover the amounts that were lost in the Department of Retirement and Social Security of workers in Dhi Qar, indicating able to recover about one billion dinars of those amounts to the state treasury.
The Department of Investigation in the body, according to a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} copy of today, "details of its procedures in connection with the allegations of corruption in the Department of Retirement and Social Security for workers in the province related to waste of public funds for the existence of funds with the offices and shops covered by the Labor Law and Social Security of workers Without taking recovery measures. "
She pointed to "the formation of a team of employees of the Bureau of Investigation Commission in the province in cooperation with the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which took the team to review all files covered by social security."
She explained that "the working procedures of the team led to the seizure of 1,400 transactions did not recover their amounts, indicating that the value of waste public money in those transactions amounted to {4,759,221,095} billion dinars."
She pointed out that "the procedures and observations of the team based on the files of the projects that were diagnosed led to the recovery of the amount of 956,130,547 million dinars to the state treasury, while the conversion of another set of files; for the purpose of the implementation and collection of government debt in accordance with the provisions of Law 56 of 1977 amount of {2,123,345,953} billion dinars is over.