Expert: Oil industries achieve sustainable development

At a time when the Ministry of Oil seeks to provide the best services to the citizen, an industrial expert stressed the need to keep abreast of developments in the field of oil industry and its requirements, to achieve additional and sustainable resources of the country. The Ministry of Oil instructed investment companies to manufacture more durable and safe plastic gas cylinders. Total Oil also expressed its desire to expand oil and gas investments in Iraq.

Equipment & Supplies
Industrial expert Aqil Al-Saadi pointed out in his statement to "Sabah" that the oil industry and its equipment and accessories is one of the important factors that bring additional resources and gains to the country and the transition from a rural economy to multi-resources. Al-Saadi said that the country has the basic components of the oil industry, but it needs modern technology, training the competent authorities and developing their skills, as well as the operation of manpower.
The past period witnessed the development of oil industries in various joints within the manufacturers and in oil production sites.

Production lines
The spokesman for the Ministry of Oil Assem Jihad said in a press statement: "The Minister of Oil instructed the General Company to mobilize gas and investment companies to work on the establishment of production lines for plastic gas cylinders." Jihad added that "the ministry encourages the establishment of factories, whether investment or non-investment, the establishment of production lines for the manufacture of plastic cylinders because they are light weight and safer and durability, as well as the provision of hard currency by importing from abroad." The Ministry of Oil signed in January of this year a contract with an Arab company to produce gas cylinders, with 3000 to 5000 cylinders a day, indicating that the contract will be for 10 years. The ministry began in 2009 to import plastic cylinders for gas to compensate for the shortage of iron cylinders, and to compensate the damaged cylinders.

Expansion of investments
The company Total Oil confirmed its keenness to deal with the federal government and the establishment and development of projects supporting the Iraqi economy in this area. In turn, the minister praised the deep relations with the French side, calling for the development of the horizon of cooperation with French companies and to strengthen relations between the two countries, pointing out that the French companies a significant presence in the field of development of oil industry.
Al-Saadi said that the expansion of oil investments contribute to the achievement of additional resources to the country through the development of its relations with the oil companies invested in Iraq, as well as the development of virgin fields, but at the same time stressed the need to develop oil industries complementary to the extraction and production.