Barzani Maliki holds the responsibility for not implementing the terms of agreement Erbil
28/10/2011 13:05

Erbil, 28 October / October (Rn) - Download Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, president of the Iraqi government responsible for the bulk of the non-implementation of the agreement Erbil, which paved the way for the formation of the Iraqi government after tough negotiations continued for months.
Barzani said Commenting on the agreement of Arbil, which was sponsored last year and resulted in the formation of the government and the election of the President and the House of Representatives in Iraq, said that "there are differences arising from the interpretation of each party to the Constitution on the temperament."
He added that the Kurdistan Region President Nouri al-Maliki "bear the greatest responsibility for this as the prime minister and commander of the armed forces." He denied that this Agreement implies any secret items.
Barzani's statement came in an episode of the "point system" provided by Hassan Moawad, and broadcast on the channel screen "Arab" on Friday evening.
Barzani, warned of civil war after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of this year. "The withdrawal of the Americans gave way to open civil war."
Stressed by saying that the Kurds will play a role to prevent the occurrence of this war, which ruled that the Kurds have a party, as they are not party to the sectarian conflict will not be as well.
He defended the President of the Kurdistan region for his recent visit to Khanaqin, saying it was "a Kurdish city and is entitled to visit any city in Iraq," adding that "even the former Baathist regime did not question the Kurdish Khanaqin."
He denied that the Kurdistan region guard forces "Peshmerga" There is in Khanaqin to protect the Kurds and not others, pointing out that "the Kurds have been there for ethnic cleansing, and that the Iraqi government turned a blind eye to it."
He called Barzani Kurds, Iran and Turkey to renounce violence and pursue peaceful methods to achieve their rights, with the recognition of these rights.
As for the Kurds of Syria, he said that the Kurds of Iraq will provide them with all forms of support to achieve their rights, but without resorting to violence, but he pointed out that the Syrian opposition did not seem so far no willingness to recognize the rights of Kurds in Syria, said that any change in Syria, an internal decided by the people.
While President Barzani commitment to the Constitution which provides for the unity of Iraq, warned of the cancellation of this Constitution or to circumvent him, saying, "The Kurds do not want more or less, giving them the Constitution. But if he decides to Kurdish people in a referendum the Declaration of Independence will stand by that, and once to take this decision will bear all the responsibility involved and we are ready to pay the price, even if the fighting. "
Internally President Barzani commented on the demonstrations that took place in Sulaymaniyah in recent times, and said that "a large part of the demands of the demonstrators was fair, and interested in the Kurdish house in order."