Iraqi Alsumaria TV presents after its news bulletin on Tuesday eve, a special interview with Sadr Movement leader Sayyed Muqtada Al Sadr to tackle the current Iraqi situation.

The interview, which is the first of Sayyed Muqtada Al Sadr since fall 2010, is scheduled to be aired at 08:50 pm, Baghdad time.

Sadr Movement, which has 40 seats in Iraqi parliament, is leading a campaign with Iraqiya List and Kurdistan Alliance to toss Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki who failed to fight corruption and was trying to impose monopoly of power.

Sayyed Muqtada Al Sadr, who started his political career after former Iraqi regime’s fall in spring 2003, is accused of trying to break Shiite unity through his alliance with Kurds and Iraqiya List against Maliki. Sadr is trying to weaken Iraq Shiites who managed to remain unified for the last nine years, State of Law coalition MPs considered, warning against dangerous repercussions over political life in Iraq and interference of extremist countries such as KSA, Qatar and Turkey.

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani threatened to withdraw from his post, on Saturday 16, if he were obliged to change his convictions assuring that his post necessitates neutrality and requires of him attempts to impose unity. I will not obstruct the Shiite majority out of which Sadr movement form 25% of MPs, Talabani indicated.

Observers assure that Iraq is witnessing a major political crisis under tensed disagreements between different political blocs. Iraqiya List disagreement with State of Law coalition transformed into a disagreement with Kurdistan alliance, Sadr Movement, and other blocs and parties, observers