Jordanian Court of Cassation ordered the extradition of Ziad al-Qattan to Baghdad

The Jordanian Court of Cassation on Monday issued a decision to extradite "Ziad Tariq al-Qattan, deputy secretary-general of the Ministry of Defense of Iyad Allawi's government, to the Iraqi government.

According to Jordanian media, "the Court of Cassation ruled today, handed over Ziad al-Qattan to Iraq."

The Jordanian authorities arrested Qattan at Queen Al-'Ariya airport and was arrested on investigation at the Juweida Correctional Center on charges of exceeding powers in the clearance contracts that the Ministry of Defense had concluded for the purpose of extradition.

It is noteworthy that the convicted Ziad al-Qattan had held several positions in the Ministry of Defense in the interim government for the period from June 28, 2004 to June 3, 2005, including the posts of Deputy Secretary-General and the Director General of the Department of Rehabilitation and processing, A prison sentence of up to 180 years.

In late 2017, the Arab and International Police Department (Interpol) announced the arrest of an "Arab accused of embezzling nearly $ 1 billion" and contacts with the requesting state to consider his extradition.