UN chief calls for Kurdish dialogue with Baghdad

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterich called on the Kurdistan region to hold a dialogue with Baghdad, while advising the governments of Erbil and Baghdad to reach an agreement.

"I hope that the outstanding problems will be solved through dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad, because Iraq is at a critical stage now," Guterich said, calling for "Kurdistan to hold a dialogue with Baghdad."

"We advise governments, whether in Erbil or Baghdad, to reach an agreement," he said, adding that "I have great sympathy for the Kurdistan region and I have visited the region for several times, and I have relations with many Kurdish officials."

Amid the growing tension between the authorities of the region and the Iraqi central government, with the approach of the referendum, September 25, renewed the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, his adherence to the voting on schedule.

In response to the decision of the Iraqi parliamentarians, on Tuesday, the rejection of the referendum and the assertion of illegitimacy, Barzani said that the parliament will not be able to break the will of the Kurdish people, as he put it.