Hakim urges development of services through investment

The head of the National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, on the development of services provided to citizens through investment. The statement of his office received a "morning" a copy of Mr. Hakim said during a meeting with a group of elders and dignitaries of the province of Basra: "The reassuring political project to achieve stability, Economic growth in the country through investment activity and attracting international capital to Iraq. " He added that "the province of Basra Fayhaa made great sacrifices during the dictatorship and after the fall of the regime and to this day in the battle against the gangs of the Daash terrorist, and has answered the sons of righteousness, the fatwa of the supreme religious authority, and that Basra deserves all attention and appreciation," stressing, "Care and follow-up to the situation and everything contributes In supporting the province. " Mr. Hakim called for "the need to think in a new way to promote the reality of service through investment after providing security and stability and provide assurances to investors." He pointed out that "the priority of citizens in the next phase is services, which requires the creation of a harmonious team away from the intersections and constraints of service institutions and ministries, and the urgent need for wisdom in the management of the country and the collection of components in a national list to overcome sectarianism and partisan division and achieve the aspirations of the people."