Plan to enable 2000 employees from advanced systems

Baghdad / Hussein Thogb activating financial transactions and the expansion of the banking system in both public and private requires human competencies with a high degree of experience, after the financial sector around the world the introduction of new systems and sophisticated technical channels to ensure the path of money and away from the financial crimes, which appear in different forms and cause Many problems for society.
Director of Training and Management in the Association of Private Banks, Ahmed Al-Hashemi, said that the advancement of the financial sector needs to be a step-by-step plan to bring the best systems and technology in the global financial sector. Of course, this is the axis of creating a competitive financial sector in the region and the world, This approach requires local expertise capable of dealing with these advanced systems. Advanced technology

He added in an interview for "morning" that the Association recognizes the importance of the subject and adopted training plans monthly and quarterly and annually under the supervision of the Central Bank and the existence of two sessions per month and accommodate each session more than (100) participants from public and private banks, noting that the banking sector began to recognize the importance of preparing banking competencies Which is beneficial to this important chapter and that the trend towards advanced technology is now the most important steps in this aspect.
The last period witnessed the presence of major international companies owning advanced systems to Baghdad and presenting the latest banking technologies. It also opened permanent offices in the capital to be close to the banking sector and more interacting with any bank wishing to introduce systems and introduce the best technologies to its work joints. Love and compliance

Hashemi pointed out that the courses include all aspects of banking, including money laundering, terrorism financing, risk management and compliance, as well as the opening of accounts and financial investigations.
He pointed out that the Association is looking forward to organizing a specialized and accredited training program in internal control in cooperation with Iraqna Training and Development Company, a specialized certificate from the American Institute of Internal Oversight (ICI), pointing out that the plans of the future association aims to train 2000 employees from different public and private banks. The strength of the economy and stressed that the success of the training programs came after the banking departments confirmed the importance of the preparation of advanced competencies and the desire to possess and confirm the central to this important chapter, pointing out that the trend will change the reality of the domestic financial sector and move to better levels commensurate with the strength of the national economy at the regional and international levels.

He pointed out that the training courses are conducted under the supervision of international expertise with the knowledge and know-how in need of the Iraqi financial market, where work is being done to deliver international standards to our banking sector in accordance with local laws for the benefit. The development of products specialized in financial affairs Haider Al-Aqabi stressed that the process of developing the financial sector and competition in the development of products would create a positive interaction between banks and the public, especially after the orientation to complete the work of the Deposit Insurance Company, noting that the new products that began to depend in some banks helped to raise the line graph For deposits, where sophisticated service offers are offered to attract customers and the service is characterized by high deposit size and this is applied for the first time in Iraq. He pointed out that the new direction and development needs a specialized team and a coach to provide services to the beneficiary public, stressing that trained human resources able to attract customers.