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    Q: What are your thoughts on the rate?

    5/29/12 ~ 3:06 PM [poppy3] i got news today that several other countries since vn got permission to rv prior to iraq that now some 15 to 20 other countries are now asking for the same permission. Then we also hear that mof and others are suggesting that because of desperation of the public that cbi rv at a lower rate of 1.00 to 1.25 be activated immediately till the government can settle their differences... I personally do not think the cbi will even consider this process and will hold till they can do a complete rv at the over $3.00 rate we have all been expecting. Hold on news is rampid at present and we are analyzing as fast as possible trying to get the facts pulled free from all the ca***ap that is floating on top. Poppy3
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