Q: What about the VND?

5/2/12 ~ 4:00 PM [poppy3] guys just got a min the investment it is coming on strong. I am still waiting for the return call from vn. Also you are correct on the rate that has been talked for some months from their banking executives. 2.3 cents on the low side and a nickle on the high side. Poppy3
5/29/12 ~ 3:06 PM [poppy3] i got news today that several other countries since vn got permission to rv prior to iraq that now some 15 to 20 other countries are now asking for the same permission.
3:14 PM [Sugar Pie] poppy3 Any idea how long Viet Nam will wait before they rv?
3:17 PM [poppy3] Sugar pie not at this time ... It is very interesting that these other countries are ask for the same and that has to make things easier for VN.. I do think that if they do it ahead of a dinar it will not be near as high of a rv as if they wait till after the dinar.. Only time will tell at present we just wait for their reaction to all these proposals poppy3