Q: What stand is Washington D.C. / U.S.A. taking on Iraq?

5/26/12 Dinar Updates Blog (BGG)
UPDATE: BOMBSHELL announcement!!
Washington has reached out to Sadr, thru Barzani, of course – to tell him they have no issue with a Sadrist candidate for PM vs. Al- Maliki. Washington pulling their support for Maliki and the recent poll out showing 60% support for a Sadrist PM instead of Al-Maliki could spell DISASTER for the National Alliance gang!!
They should have named a replacement and thrown their support in with the Erbil 5. They would have at least not be facing 20 years of political obscurity. My thinking is I highly doubt we see an end - this weekend, but it is coming soon. Washington DC has officially thrown their boy under the bus…WOW!!

5/28/12 Dinar Updates Blog (BGG)
U.S. administration announced its support for the decisions of the five leaders… I said this over a week ago too!! Huh?? As a matter of fact – the US was headed this direction last December, they are just having to make it official and not “hedge bets” anymore…