Q: Can you please address the topic of BANK STORIES??

5/5/12 ~ 1:52 PM [poppy3] guys about bank stories please listen.... BGG and I hosted here at my house about 4 weeks ago 9 different bankers from different banks . I can tell you they all have the same story. WF,CHASE, BOA and so on stated their banks are all broken up into regions and some regional mgr's have very different plans on handling the dinar. Some used to tell everyone that this is a scam ... They have all changed from that story now because they will be open for a huge winnable class action suit when it happens and they have kept people from investing in it because they are recognized as a professional organization on finances?? The reason most will not make a deal is because they can't because their national corporate headquarters have not given any outline, regulations or guidelines they can follow. This is why we hear so many different responses. They have no standard answer because they have no guidelines yet to follow. POPPY3
1:53 PM [poppy3] with what i fed those guys they should have made me a deal that day. I thought they would never leave. Bbq (ribs) where just to good poppy3
1:56 PM [OfCourse13] That's interesting poppy3. You'd think by now they WOULD at least have guidelines to follow.
1:57 PM [OfCourse13] When the RV does happen, how long do you think it will take for them to actually be prepared?
2:00 PM [poppy3] OfCourse13 i like most got tired of all these crazy bank stories that have zero credibility towards the rv so i decided we would just invite all the bank presidents from the banks and get the straight skinny from them. They all said within 48 hours after the rv they will all have specific guideline and most all banks that have foreign currency exchange license will be changing dinar. Lots of branches don't have the license and have to send it to their bank in their system that DOES... I will never let a bank or anyone send my dinar out of my sight. Poppy3
2:04 PM [poppy3] OfCourse13 not really because it is not a tradable currency and they are mot members of the wto??? Why would they prepare??? They don't follow this process like a doctor doesn’t follow what is going on in their field after their training is complete and they start their practice?? Poppy3
2:06 PM [poppy3] also like our news media they never report anything till after it happens they are always reactive not proactive. They will never talk about what might happen.poppy3