Iraq RV compared to Kuwait RV
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Thread: Iraq RV compared to Kuwait RV

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    Iraq RV compared to Kuwait RV

    Q: Can we assume the Iraq and Kuwait RV processes will be similar?

    5/1/12 ~ 3:57 PM [poppy3] just read where someone was comparing Kuwait Rv process to this .... while there are similarities it is not the same... Kuwait had to borrow billions from the world bank to rebuild their country and had applied for the large loan and raise their value to over $9.00 for I think 3 days before dropping it back to the $3.00 rage. The reason it was that high was to qualify for the huge loans. Once the documents where signed and approved they lowered it.. GUYS DR Shabibi will not need to do this. He has stated several times he wants a median value they can sustain for at least 24 months without fluctuation ... This is to further stabilize their economy . POPPY3
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    Re: Iraq RV compared to Kuwait RV

    Good insight. Thanks.

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