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    Facebook access

    I'm sorry, but not able to access facebook. Can you make available a recording of the facebook "calls" for those of us who are not able to engage in Facebook..

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    Re: Facebook access

    If you want to be able to hop on FB just send me a private message and I'll help you out. BGG usually does post the FB live videos he does here in the forum. He has not had one lately. You can always go to the Blog to look at the dates for the next call.

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    Re: Facebook access

    So, I take it everything has now moved to Facebook, haven't seen many of the most recent calls recorded/linked on any of the sites Observer, Blog or the Forums, or am I missing something? Personally I really don't like Facebook and the amount of data that they collect when one is logged in there so I am not a fan of their service. So are those of us that are not inclined to frequent Facebook or sit on the phone for an hour to listen to a CC's not able to hear what BGG and others have to say anymore?

    Oh never mind just found the link to the last call.
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