Q: What about CHAPTER 7???

5/1/12 ~ 1:34 PM [poppy3] ok rich friends i want to clear up one thing that is being misstated by several peeps and i referred to it last evening on the call. About chapter 7 it is dependent on the rv not the rv is dependent on chapter 7 ... Vp biden stated last fall on the floor of the united nations that chapter 7 would be lifted and also iraq would be automatically a full member of the wto upon the re-valuation of their currency... The reasoning behind this is because at that point they will have for the first time in years a valid internationally tradable currency. This is the way this will happen . So don't get confused by these peeps saying they need release from chapter 7 prior to a rv. All they have to do is have all the other steps completed prior to the rv like having agreements in writing with kuwait, ministers, erbil etc and they are doing great now proceeding to get those done this week. Poppy3