Jubouri: Youth energy worth investing more than oil and gas

Speaker of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri affirmed the determination of the legislative authority to make amendments to the laws related to protecting the society from the danger of drug abuse and trafficking. He called for giving the investment of youth energy more importance than oil and energy investment, Al-Raya »as a prelude to give young people an opportunity to lead the future of Iraq.
Al-Jubouri said in a speech at the forum «a homeland for youth» in its fourth session held in Baghdad: «The promising youth energy worth investing more than the importance of investment of oil and gas and natural energy sources», stressing «the need to start the project to hand over the flag and work on integration between the two generations and twinning between them In order to give them the full opportunity in the future leadership project of the Department
Affairs of the country ».
"You have to take the initiative to protect the country and rid it of all projects that will lead to the abyss of retreat and underdevelopment, and an exceptional executive work that goes beyond all problems and obstacles and is capable of creating a comprehensive national initiative to employ young people professionally and provide jobs, During the private sector rather than government employment ».
"The House of Representatives will make the necessary amendments to the laws on ensuring the immunization of Iraqi society from the danger of drug abuse and trafficking," he said, expressing the hope that "the dialogue between young people matures and the language of the debate rises without hesitation and that they present their ideas freely without the practice of terrorism The intellectual on them from any side and under any justification ». He pointed out that it is time for the majority in Iraq to come out of its silence and to say its word without hesitation through what the constitution allowed, such as peaceful demonstration, writing and speaking in the media, social communication and all means of expression. "After we succeeded in the mobilization project The people in the face of terrorism by volunteering for a fighting must be the youth elite to start the project mobilization and mobilization of the street towards construction and reconstruction and the industry of life ».