Presidency of the Republic of Iraq welcomes the return of Iraq to the membership of Scout International

The Presidency of the Republic on Friday welcomed the decision of the World Scout Conference, which is currently being held in the Azerbaijani capital Baku, to return Iraq to the Arab and international membership of the Scout after a 27-year break.
The media office of the Presidency of the Republic said in a statement that “Masoum stressed his interest in supporting the Iraqi Scouts, Youth and Sports Movement and developing their participation in the reconstruction and community reconciliation plans, as well as enhancing Iraq’s reputation and status at the international level.” The ministry also called on the Iraqi educational, sports and youth authorities to “develop programs to rehabilitate all age groups, especially young people, both of whom are affected by the difficult circumstances that have prevailed in the country because of the policies of the former regime.”
The Ministry of Education announced on Thursday the return of Iraq to the Arab and global membership of the Scout after a break of 27 years, noting that there will be a special program to rehabilitate the age groups and both sexes affected by the events experienced by Iraq.