Disruption of electricity in several areas of Rusafa after the burning of Waziriya station

The Ministry of Electricity announced on Monday that a fire broke out inside the Waziriya station, indicating that the fire caused a breakout from a number of areas of Rusafa side in Baghdad.

The ministry said in a statement received by "Al-Ghad Press", "As a result of increased loads and high temperatures, the 132-kilometer Waziriya station was exposed to a fire incident in one of the receptacles inside the trench.

The fire damaged many feedstacks in the same lane. (307, 309, 311 and 313) and the Mustansiriya area for shops (510, 508, 506 and 502) as well as the feeder to some of the stations: Nu'man, Adhamiya and July 14. (2) for the Mustansiriya station and work is still under way to repair the rest of the nutrients as soon as possible. "

"Despite the high temperature, which exceeded 50 degrees Celsius, but our heroes of the engineering and technical staff is still working under the sun to burn back the nutrients that were burned as a result of increasing loads and high temperatures in the station Waziriya and Cairo, The next hours will be repeated all lines. "