Abbadi: Coalition bombardment crowd did not confirm and investigating the fall of Mosul [extended]

2017/8/8 20:49

[In Baghdad]

The Prime Minister said Haidar Abadi, the Iraqi investigation results not confirmed "yet" bombing of the international coalition of forces of the popular crowd near the Iraqi-Syrian border Monday.

Abadi said at a weekly press conference, "no red lines on Iraqi forces inside Iraqi territory and no foreign force fighting in Iraq, American forces are on the Syrian side."

"We don't have a crowd outside Iraq and no power out of him out of bounds are not in the crowd because the popular crowd Iraqi body operates according to the law."

And on the strength of the Coalition bombing news cohorts Mr martyrs a faction of the crowd said Abadi that "she did not crowd intelligence learn something about joint operations said that ISIS used car and guns but we don't have confirmation on the ground if the incident outside the Iraqi border in Syria.

Abadi said "we called Mr Martyrs Brigades before the crowd and yet it's so uncertain for them and everybody denied it including the crowd himself" stating that "the results of the investigation so far has not confirmed the subject" "there is no validity to the international coalition in Iraq without the knowledge of the bombing.

He drew the Prime Minister "on the military side, we still continue to Prep for silk and around Tal Afar hweejah and Western Anbar, completed plans and agree to some dates of origin."

"The liberated cities began to recover and recently opening industrial district in Fallujah being will restore economic activity in the city have also been contracted electricity producer's power supply and act now to run the power station plug connector".

Abbadi noted, "during the past period was arrested several gangs kidnapping and organized crime, calling on citizens to the news about the kidnapping of quickly being an important aspect in pursuing crime and dozens of aborted operations thanks to the speed and security activity with this aspect.

The Prime Minister revealed that "holding tanks [t-90] with Russia is so old and was to equip the armoured brigade and the agreement was modified half-Brigade due to lack of finance and soon to be supplied to Iraq.

"Our strategy is to diversify the economy and the High Commission was formed to take care of this but there are delays because of red tape and corruption and this Committee to support investment in Iraq and aim to stimulate the economy and create jobs and there is great interest."

"Ask Treasury to full Iraqi decision purely webamkanat without any outside support in this framework, two years ago we subtract the average turnout was billion dollars and surprises us with high interest 11.5% bond canceled."

"We have this year after moving administrative and economic reforms and ascended the credit rating because of the reforms and we ask again billion dollars six times requests came from the former and is a tremendous fall 6.7 and demonstrates the high demand and low interest demonstrates confidence in the Iraqi economy, we must continue to reform and provide an enabling environment for investment."

And two forces rejected the news with the return of displaced persons to the disputed areas in Nineveh and Diyala, Abadi said "we hear rumors that the popular crowd demographic change but the reality on the ground lying, either go to the Prefecture County citizen is allowed but displacement and cleansing is unacceptable."

"Regarding the disputed areas is an ongoing problem, the Constitution in article discussing it and that no regard to Kurdistan, but even among the provinces which for more than 50 years, until the former regime involved in demographic change."

And that "Iraq today for all and surprised why the other insists that such a Kurdish or Arab region" and called for "cooperation to serve people regardless of denomination and nationality of the inhabitants of the region and others."

"ISIS tried to change the demography of the occupied areas but failed military forces unit and cops" to discuss all the files open and our hearts so we want political meetings between the blocks of that the conflict may be lost Iraqi wealth but agreement and cooperation progress and we have no choice in Iraq don't live together and no need for separation and single and unified Iraq live under the Constitution. "

"Working on the return of all areas including pilot-controlled and must cooperate for the return of that right for them."

"The Prime Minister prepared to debate territorial referendum but there is a Constitution and law that separates" stating "there is no validity to the Government in the separation, we are determined now and in the future on Iraq" unit.

On previous investigations in the fall of Mosul and Spyker said Abadi "regards the horrific crime to prosecute offenders continue Spyker and we will not rest until some outside Iraq and won't tolerate that and continue to uncover graves Spyker and we'll chase offenders even if long years, and there are States cooperate."

"Either the fall of Mosul is threatening our existence as a people and what happened mindlessly how Cange disaster", adding that the Government "achieve wider judicial side and we have a complete plan for it and wait for the end of the military operation and free land to prevent the entry of case charges.