Saladin responded to the government: the territory of our province
On: Friday 10/28/2011 7:26

Council voted Salahuddin province, Thursday, on the grounds to maintain the economic and administrative regions within "a unified Iraq," noting that the vote was two-thirds of the members present, who are twenty members of the absence of representatives of a coalition of state law.

The Secretary General of the Council Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu at a press conference, yesterday, in the governorate building "," The provincial council voted during the session, since maintaining territories economically and administratively part of a unified Iraq, "noting that" the vote was two-thirds of the members present, who are twenty members of the absence of representatives of a coalition of state law. "
stressed Ihsanoglu, that "the provincial council would approach the Presidential Council of Ministers to complete the procedures of constitutional and legal."
The Ihsanoglu, that "the vote of the Council to declare conservative provinces came for several reasons is not to give the central government to maintain the constitutional powers and legal compliance for provincial councils in accordance with Law 21 for the year 2008, and Grants maturity of the financial allocations according to the grades assessed contributions to the provinces, as well as the policy of exclusion and marginalization, and arbitrary arrests continued without legal cause, and land purchases continued on imams in Samarra for sectarian reasons, which lead to demographic changes in the city, contrary to the provisions of the Constitution . "
continued the Secretary General of the province of Salah al-Din said, "The loss of balances for government positions and the security services and the multiplicity of security leaders associated with the Centre that implements Centre's policies without reference to the local government is one of the reasons the Declaration on the region, too," referring to "not achieve national reconciliation which the government promised them, despite the presence of the Ministry for this purpose and overall cooperation by the Government of Saladin with the central government throughout this period. "
to confirm former MP and member of the National Coalition and Wael Abdul Latif, "The formation of the territory of Salahuddin province, a legal if the voice of a third of the Council maintain it. "
he said in a statement to the Agency all of Iraq that "the Constitution permits the formation of the province if the voice of a third of the province for the benefit of law presented and then submit a request to the Electoral Commission to convert the province to province."
said Abdul Latif said that "the Commission will approach the Council of Ministers for the necessary funds to hold a referendum to make the conservative provinces. "
He explained that "the law stresses the go 50 percent of voters in the province to the referendum in order to gain legal status," noting that "for the proposed half of the votes of a total of 50 percent would make him acquire the status of acceptance of the legal province as a region. "
said Abdul Latif, "The announcement of this region has dimensions of sectarianism," revealing "at the same time they were working on the formation of this region for six months."
For his part, denied the MP from the province of Anbar, a full-Dulaimi, the news talked about the intention of maintain track Salahuddin and declared province, said in a statement to "the extent to which," yesterday, "the news talking about the intention of the Council of Anbar province, announced the province are unfounded and that he did not think of it this time," saying that "today would be demonstrations for the people of conservative response to the arrests taking place in cities, "noting," Among the names in the lists of rational people who died several years and this is creating uncertainty in the province. "