Albzona: Territories and the Government of the collection holds a majority in Iraq and the delay does not serve everyone
On: Friday 10/28/2011 0:13

Between the member of parliament for a coalition of state law Jawad Albzona that there is a popular demand in Basra to complete a draft declaration conservative provinces.
Albzona said in a statement (the citizen) that "the streets of Basra covered by large numbers of banners demanding the central government to consider the request for approval to convert the province to province,"
Adding that "there is a hearing will be held on Sunday next to the provincial council and a number of members of the Iraqi parliament for the province of Basra to look the way you would deal with the Council on the intent of the Council of Ministers not to consider the request of the province,"
He added that "the demand became public and consultations are underway to bring the provinces of Dhi Qar, Maysan and Muthanna for this project to form a