Parliamentary economic: Mosul is destructive and infrastructure repair needs a long time and large sums

2017/07/12 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 212 - Number (3967)


The Nineveh Provincial Council stressed that one of the priorities of the plan prepared by the city government is to restore the stability of providing the main services such as water, electricity, health and education, and then start the stage of construction and reconstruction, while the Committee on Economy and Investment representative that the city of Mosul destroyed by 100%, but the return of infrastructure Needs a long time and large sums, stressing the need to find a political solution to the return of displaced persons to their homes in some areas.

In addition, an economist pointed out that Iraq in general has a deficit in the infrastructure and we do not say the suspension of reconstruction, but there must be a comprehensive renaissance in the infrastructure and not to divide it. He pointed out the need to ensure the existence of specialized companies that are honest and capable of reconstruction, We spent a lot of money and did not get anything.

A member of the Nineveh Provincial Council Ghazwan al-Daoudi said in an interview with Al-Mada that the destruction that hit the city of Mosul, whether due to the criminal operations of the bombing or bombing by the coalition forces or the military operations, left the right side destroyed by more than 80%

He added: The left side, many bridges have become out of service and can not be passed on, but the volume of destruction certainly less in this aspect compared to what happened in the right, but also needs a lot of strategic projects and construction, including bridges, Stressing that there should be a campaign at the international level Most donor countries to help Iraq in the reconstruction of Nineveh because the federal government can not alone, it is also experiencing a financial crisis and the challenges are very large.

Al-Daoudi continued that according to the plan approved by the local government of Nineveh city, it will be in the first stages of restoration of the stability of the restoration of basic services such as water, electricity, health and education, and then the second phase of construction and reconstruction through the stage of community reconciliation, especially that there are components have been damaged by Requires a political and social agreement, to be fair to the victims and apply the principle of justice in the trial of compensation and compensation of the affected and the reform of economic, intellectual and cultural aspects, because without that we will return to see other organizations dark-like thinking, In the ideas of children this must be eliminated.

A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment Representative Jamila al-Obeidi begins an interview with (Mada), congratulating the Iraqi people and military leaders and all who participated and sacrificed in the spirit of Iraqi national liberation of the city of Mosul, pointing out that everyone knows that the results of this war was great because it was inside a city and by a terrorist organization

The infrastructure and the reconstruction of infrastructure with human beings is very important, especially since the crime and brutality of this organization left the people of the city destroyed, whether children or young people and even the elderly, so the size of the destruction Very large arrived 100% Especially in the Old City, which the United Nations has been able to provide with high amounts.

There is something more important than that: finding a political solution. There are some areas where people can not return to their homes. , Because the reconstruction of infrastructure is long-term and does not come back day and night and it needs large amounts.

Al-Obeidi stressed the need to start finding a political solution for all in Mosul and then work to provide services, then health and education, Mdarka: All this must eliminate unemployment in the province, because the reconstruction needs large cadres to work, and here we can achieve a lot at the same time , With the need to rebuild the destroyed bridges that connect the left and right coast of the conductor.

On the other hand, the economist Ahmed Barihi said in an interview with Al-Mada, "What is required is the reconstruction of all the areas that were controlled by terrorism, but of course with the priority of the most affected cities, even in the city of Mosul are not all the same degree of damage."

To be given the first priority of housing and then important services such as electricity and water, stressing the need to pay attention and attention to the important point is that we in Iraq have a deficit, and there must be administrative arrangements to ensure the reconstruction already, and in general, Iraq has a deficit in the infrastructure, The suspension of reconstruction on a comprehensive renaissance In the infrastructure, but we say that it should be indivisible because of the unity of resources and the national capacity to build, so it must be in the context of the perception of the reconstruction of under-construction in all of Iraq.

"This is a big mistake because what is required in Iraq from now is to raise the national capacity for construction and reconstruction and to ensure that there are specialized companies that can be formed by the government in cooperation with the public and private sectors, with or without "We have spent a lot and lots of them and we have not got anything because the national capacity to build in Iraq is low," he said. "This is not a matter of spending money. very.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Monday, 10-7-2017, from Mosul, the liberation of the city entirely by the Iraqi forces from the grip of the organization, "Daash." In a televised speech, Abadi said that the victory in Mosul was planned and completed and carried out by an Iraqi, Iraqis proud of this achievement. "

It is noteworthy that the organization (Daash) took over the city of Mosul, the center of the province of Nineveh, (405 km north of the capital Baghdad), on the tenth of June 2014, and that it has committed many "atrocities" especially against members of minorities, religious sites and civilization, And widespread domestic and international condemnation, which resulted in their being considered "crimes against humanity".