The federal police chief issued the victory statement: The criminals were defeated and the men of Iraq won

Federal Police Chief Major-General Raed Shaker Jawdat issued a statement on Thursday stating that the criminals had been defeated and the men of Iraq had won the case thanks to God and the support.

"The people of the great people of Iraq, the people of victories, sacrifices and civilizations," said Jawdat in the "victory statement" received by "Al-Ghad Press." With all the titles of pride and pride, the leadership of the Federal Police Forces celebrates the victory of Al-Maser, The brave Iraqi soldiers and heroes of the Iraqi army are fighting with determination and steadfastness.

They are crushing the heads of rotten terrorism and liberating the land of Mosul and its people and restoring the dignity of the dear homeland. "

He added that "this great historic day in the march of our heroic security forces and our struggling people will be an eternal day for all Iraqis on the day of victory of truth and defeat of falsehood," noting "today our revenge for the blood of the martyrs that have descended on every spot of pure land of Iraq .. Today is a day of joy for mothers of martyrs and their parents Their children and their wives. "

"The criminals have been defeated and the men of Iraq have won the cause of Allah thanks to the support and support of the national political and religious leaders, the committed media and the calls of our spare people, glory and eternity for our martyrs, the righteous, and the glory of Iraq," he said.