Coalition forces are planning a Sunni conference after a new end differences Daesh

Union leader said in the Iraqi forces that Sunni political forces head of a conference to be held soon (without specifying the place) to announce the formation of a new political alliance represents a year, confirming the presence of efforts to stop the objection to the Shiite opposition to participate in the political process in the country figures.

The leader asked not to be named for «Journal News» that "Sunni forces will discuss the possibility of ending controversy among Sunni political forces after they dominated the organization Daesh the provinces in the north and west of the country and the subsequent accusations of each other the fall of these cities."

"The Sunni political parties strongly seeking to persuade the Shiite alliance to stop his objection to the return of some of the characters that turned into opposition because of the issuance of the right of judicial rulings."

He announced the leader of the coalition of Iraqi forces, Ahmed Massari said that "the new alliance includes representatives from the provinces occupied by the organization Daesh." He added that the new alliance will include more than 300 political and tribal figure, mostly members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives as well as other personalities will enter the political arena for the first time, as He explained to Radio "Sawa" American.

The Senkb new alliance to study three key files, notably the reconstruction of areas destroyed during the war on terror and rehabilitation of society in those areas and also work on the formation of a national project described Massari as "real."

The conference will be held in July in the capital Baghdad in the presence of representatives of the provinces dominated by Daesh in addition to a number of dissidents abroad, sources said that the conference will be attended by figures required by the Iraqi judiciary