Al Harbi announces the results of the liberation of the old city since its inception
The Al-Harbi Media Cell reported on Wednesday the results of the liberation of the Old City on the right side of the city of Mosul, since its launch, indicating that it has killed dozens of elements calling and liberating 60% of the city.

The cell said in a statement received by "Al-Ghad Press," "The leadership of the federal police forces continue to wage fierce battles against gangs and terrorist advocates in the southern axis of the city of Mosul and specifically the old city and progress towards its goals, as our blocks are besieging the city and progress towards the targets and cleared 60% And it is divided into 3 branches according to 5 branches according to 6 branches.

She added, "The enemy suffered heavy losses of lives and equipment. The axes were assigned by the heroine, the heroic army, the heroes, the fighter planes and the heroic artillery, which terrorized the enemy by means of fire plans, firepower and targets on demand.

"He said.
"The enemy's losses were as heavy as follows: killing 63 terrorists, capturing two terrorists, wounding five terrorists, killing 6 snipers, seizing one monoculture, seizing monoculars, grabbing a Kalashnikov rifle, dismantling 52 explosive devices, destroying 14 different wheel types, detonate the store of the obituary, destroy the motorcycle, find the hardware stack, destroy 6 enemy buildings, destroy the enemy addon, find a missile depot, find a rocket RPG 7, grab the belt regret.