Pictures of the arrival of the convoy "freedom" to Mosul and the people receive flowers

The convoy of "freedom" on Tuesday, to the city of Mosul to revive the feast in the city, according to organizers, the convoy, which started from Baghdad this morning carrying hundreds of young people from the capital and other provinces.

"The convoy arrived in Mosul and the reception was arranged for them by the young men and women of Mosul," said the coordinator of the convoy, Suha Odeh and Saleh Elias. "A number of journalists and civilian activists in Baghdad and Mosul, Eid in Mosul, which reached the first convoys carrying the sons of the center and south to the city of Mosul. "

"There will be visits to areas with cultural and archaeological symbols in Mosul, and in the evening there will be concerts with the participation of director Mohammed Darraji and Dar Sator for publishing, in addition to a film show, theater and concert."

There will be 250 messages from the sons of Mosul to the people of the Iraqi provinces in the center and the south bear the feelings of love and gratitude for the sacrifices they made to liberate the city from the control of the preacher, and carried letters Hashtag messages from Mosul.

Local police forces have taken strict measures in areas around the area where activists from the cultural group, the university and the ceremony platform will arrive in the northern city of Mosul.

"All measures have been taken in the city to ensure the arrival of activists and police are deployed in all areas," police chief Wathiq al-Hamdani told al-Ghad Press.

A convoy of "freedom" was launched from Baghdad to commemorate Eid al-Fitr in the city of Mosul and to strengthen relations with the people of the city, which he occupied over the past three years.