Hakim calls for a change of "style" in the controls and remove "militarization of society"

Called the head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim, on Monday, to change the pattern of security controls and activating the intelligence effort, stressing the elimination of the phenomenon of militarization of society.

"We warn of hidden terrorism and its challenges that still exist and need to continue with the same momentum and enthusiasm but with new priorities commensurate with the security nature of the battle," Hakim said in a sermon delivered by his office in Baghdad, Experiences and mobilization of energies and excellence in the new page of the battle as we distinguish on the front page. "

"The security leaders of the country to take care of the intelligence side in a qualitative manner and move away from the policy of exhausting the armed forces to be in the cities and change the pattern in the control and inspection points."

He added that "the Ministry of Interior take its role in activating its forces and organs and dismantle the intersection with the leaders of operations in Baghdad and the provinces," stressing "the need for great work and perseverance in order to consolidate the security reality and provide psychological stability for citizens at the same time.

He pointed out that "great victories call upon us to appeal to the security leaders and ask them to focus on controlling the performance and behavior of their members. The maintenance of success is much more difficult than achieving it and they should preserve the image that they formed in the minds of our people and protect them from distortion and deviation."

"It is important and necessary to evacuate the cities and residential neighborhoods from the military headquarters and prevent the disturbance of the people and commit abuses through the use of military uniforms and the use of wheels of military institutions," Hakim said.

He said that "the control of performance and the removal of manifestations of militarization of society is one of the most important duties of the security leaders and Hshidip in the next phase, addressing them by saying," You are the owners of the white forehead and you are the men of the homeland and his mother-in-law, so your name is very bright and not touched by tongues and do not address suspicions, Your name will be used for narrow personal interests. "

It is noteworthy that Hakim holds Eid prayers in his office in Baghdad every year.