Harvard University awarded an Iraqi engineer a higher degree in leadership and higher management

Awarded Harvard University, Government Studies Kennedy Academy, executive education, which is one of the most luxurious scientific academies that specialize in contemporary studies and the preparation of leaders, Engineer Ali Jabbar Frejee, certified specialist in executive leadership and senior management.

Engineer Ali Jabbar Al-Freiji is the first Iraqi student to be named as a graduate of the world's largest universities. He is the most distinguished in the fields of management, senior leadership, and executive studies.

He obtained the most specialized international certificates in this kind of science, the University of Greatness. government Studies, Department of Executive Education, which is one of the most luxurious scientific academies that specialize in contemporary studies and the preparation of leaders.

Al-Fureiji succeeded in obtaining the Executive Specialist Certificate in Leadership and Senior Management, which is one of the highest certificates granted by this academy after completing a series of specialized programs in senior executive management including the program of managing state institutions in crises, the results, as well as decision-making and leadership improve organizational performance strategy program.

He holds a Master's degree from the University of Detroit, Mercy in 2002, and a Masters degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Studies in Senior Management and Leadership in 2012, when he was accepted and began his academic career at Harvard - Kennedy Academy of Government - to finish his PhD in 2017.

"This type of program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Studies, which sets standards that are considered the most difficult in the world, is acceptable to students and is subject to the selection of the Academy's special committee, which aims to compete with hundreds of international personalities and senior positions in institutions," Al-Furaiji said in an exclusive statement.

The highest cost of study is compared to all universities in the world. The cost of preparing one program in this academy is $ 1.5 million per year.

Thousands of applicants seeking to enter and study in these programs and disciplines of America and the countries of the world. "

"What distinguishes this type of studies and specialization within the programs of Harvard University is the uniqueness of these studies with programs that have been prepared for years and presented by senior professors and minds specialized in the world, as well as possessing the largest centers of studies and research and global higher education executive, which deals with all policies of the world economic, political and other. "