Tomorrow the children of central and southern Iraq "return" in Mosul and messages of love waiting for them

A number of media and civic activists in Baghdad and Mosul organized an initiative under the name of "Eid in Mosul", which will launch its first convoy carrying the sons of the center and south to the city of Mosul within the "Freedom convoy".

"The initiative of the convoy of freedom, the Eid in Mosul will start tomorrow from Baghdad to the city of Mosul carrying the people of central and southern Iraq to Mosul," said the media Suha Odeh, the "Al-Ghad Press", that "about 300 people They will be in Mosul tomorrow. "

"The initiative is the idea and coordination of media and civilian activists from Baghdad and in cooperation with the media and activists in Mosul."

"There will be visits to areas with symbolic cultural and archaeological in Mosul and evening there will be a ceremony and Carnival and with the participation of director Mohammed Darraji and Dar Sator publishing, in addition to a show of films and theater and concert."

"There will be 250 messages from the sons of Mosul to the people of the Iraqi provinces in the center and the south bear the feelings of love and gratitude for the sacrifices they made to liberate the city from the control of the organization, and carried letters Hashtak messages from Mosul."