Iraq's foreign ministry sacks Sunni employees

The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a ministerial order to move 19 diplomatic and administrative employees from Iraq's embassies abroad to the ministry's headquarters, sources in the ministry revealed on Monday.

The sources said that this move comes before the employees serve their 4-year term, adding that it was taken on sectarian grounds as the 19 employees are Sunnis.

They also noted that those employees will be eventually sacked and replaced with relatives of employees working in the ministry.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued two lists of employees who will be sacked from the ministry, claiming that they are subject to Accountability and Justice Law or the so called de-Ba'athification.

However, the purpose of this move is to sack Sunni employees from the ministry, the sources added.

They also confirmed that the ministry will issue another employees list to sack the named enlisted under the pretext that they not qualified.

They noted that orders issued by Iraq's foreign ministry are sectarian. This made missions' employees fear they will be arrested when they return to Iraq.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued more than 100 appointment orders without announcing that they are available. Moreover, it has given diplomatic ranks such as third secretary and minister plenipotentiary to those who have been appointed.

This violates appointment's rules as the majors of those who have been appointed are not related to the diplomatic corps. They are graduates of faculties of agriculture and fine arts.