Security measures taken to protect Iraqi citizen in Eid al-Fitr days
Last Modified: 06 25 2017 01:24 PM

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command announced on Sunday that it will pose strict security measures during Eid al-fitr days, Muslims' feast which marks the end of the holy Ramadan month

It added that the Iraqi forces, backed by Counter terrorism service (CTS) and Baghdad Operation Command have deployed security checkpoints in several places in Baghdad in the first day of the feast

The CTS has deployed in Baghdad to reinforce and promote the security and provide the protection to the Iraqi citizens during the Eid al-fitr days.

This comes as the Iraqi cities are witnessing a state of insecurity and chaos as terror attacks target civilians.

This also comes as the offensive launched by the US-backed Iraqi forces, supported by Iranian sectarian IMIS militias to oust ISIS terrorists from Iraq is entering its last stages.