US Army deploys ground troops in Syria, Iraq, Jordan
June 25 2017 11:49 AM

The US Pentagon deployed multiple launch missile systems in southern Syria, Sputnik News reported Sunday.

The ground troops of the US Army have deployed in the south of Iraqi city of al-Rotbah city in Anbar Governorate near the border with Syria and Jordan

The soldiers have deployed in Wadi al-Qazaf in the south of al-Rotba with many military vehicles near ISIS enclaves

They have come from Ein al-Assad base in al-Baghdadi region, adding that they moved under the aerial support of US choppers and reconnaissance planes

Earlier, the US re-deployed HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems from a base in Jordan to a Special Forces base in al-Tanf in Syria

The Pentagon also deployed an additional military force to a town, 70 kilometers to the northeast of al-Tanf

In recent weeks, the region of al-Tanf has turned into a strategically important point where the interests of the US-led international coalition and Assad Regime’ allies clashed