"Stoning" of children's weapons causes "alert" health personnel in Dhi Qar
Dhi Qar Health Department warned on Sunday that parents should allow their children to purchase and purchase weapons games from which the so-called "spherical balls" are issued.

The director of the Health Department of Dhi Qar, Jassim Al-Khalidi, told "Al-Ghad Press" that "the hospitals of Dhi Qar in general usually receive some cases of injury on Eid days as a result of children's enjoyment of those games," stressing that "many cases occurred during the past years In the province and led to the loss of many children to key parts of their organs such as sight. "

The Director General of Dhi Qar Health expressed his fear "of the recurrence of these cases and expose children to disfigure their bodies as a result of staining bullets," stressing that "issued a directive to all health centers in the province to prepare for any emergency during the Eid."

He pointed out that "emergency rooms are equipped with hospitals and health centers with all the necessary supplies, as well as the creation of operation halls (large and small) with health and medical staff, and make ambulances ready."

Khalidi said that "these games, especially games (stoning) available in the markets of the province of trade need to be controlled and follow-up by the security authorities."