A district in Dhi Qar starts replacing the carp tree with a "miracle of trees"

The Municipality of Syed Dakhil, east of Dhi Qar province, announced Sunday that it will start after the Eid al-Fitr, replacing the carps trees spread in its streets with the tree of "Moringa" with huge benefits, as he described it.

"The Municipality has succeeded in planting 1,500 trees of the Moringa species, which are trees that have enormous medical benefits, which is considered the miracle of trees, during the last period," said the director of the municipality of the judiciary, Zia Awad, Currently it will be distributed on the streets of Sayed Dakhil and a number of houses, instead of carbs spread in the streets and gardens of justice.

He added that "the streets of the judiciary need about 4,000 trees of Moringa," stressing that "the estimated number of 25 thousand trees of carps in the streets and houses and farms of Mr. Dakhil began to deal with them by uprooting them from their roots to be placed in the tree Moringa after the feast" .

"This type of tree is very small in Iraq, if not absent at the present time," he said, adding that "the municipality of Sayed Dakhil obtained the seeds of Moringa from the Republic of Pakistan through one of the agricultural engineers in the province of Diwaniyah."
"The prices of this tree and its seeds are expensive," he said.

The tree of Moringa is a very famous tree in many parts of the world but under different names due to its multiple medical use.

The tree is native to India and bears different environmental conditions. It has been cultivated in many countries and adapted to any different environment. Whether in deserts, mountains or plains, and also can take advantage of tree parts such as leaves, seeds, flowers and stems for multiple purposes, and otherwise can be used as fertilizer for soil and enter into the manufacture of pesticides.

The tree of Moringa, which was called by the ancient pharaohs name of the tree of life in their civilization, has proved studies and research as a plant that has many anti-inflammatory and oxidation and fifteen kinds of vitamins and minerals, as well as many amino acids, as well as more than 300 diseases affecting the human body .