Hamoudi: We seek a law that unites politicians in our foreign positions and holds them accountable if they disagree with them

A member of the Presidency of the Parliament, Hamam Hamoudi, on Saturday, the efforts to develop a law that unites politicians in the Iraqi positions externally, and hold accountable anyone who violates that law.

"There is an endeavor during a seminar for the dialogue of thought to put in place a law that obliges every Iraqi official to be privatized by the Council of Ministers and to question anyone who goes beyond this policy so that he knows that Iraq's external position is the same," Hamoudi said in a statement.

He added that "the new democratic and political situation made the situation acceptable or understandable," stressing "the need to stabilize the national interests of Iraq's unity, independence and sovereignty, so as to become familiar with the passage of time, and that makes the transgressors vulnerable to accountability."

He explained that "the Iraqi constitution is different from the constitutions of the countries of the region, because Iraq was under occupation and foreign interventions and accused of bypassing international resolutions," pointing out that "the new constitution stressed these points as messages reassuring, Iraq does not interfere in the affairs of others and does not want others to interfere in its affairs "He said.