Hakim calls on the "civilized" world to condemn a barbaric act of bombing the humpback
The head of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim, said on Thursday that he called for a sign of his defeat in Mosul by blowing up the humpback lighthouse, calling on the civilized world to condemn the "barbaric" terrorist act against al-Hadba.

Hakim said in a statement that Al-Ghad Press had issued a copy of the report, saying that "Da'ash stressed his method of violating all that is civilized and humane. He is committing another crime to be added to their series of crimes which reveal that they are an abnormal group of infamous criminals."

"The humpback bombing is a permanent sign of a crushing defeat by our armed forces," he said.
Al-Hakim called on the civilized world to "condemn this barbarous barbaric act and unite the world to confront this cancerous disease that has swept many parts of the globe." He stressed the importance of establishing the foundations of living in peace and harmony and protecting humanity from extremism and terrorism.

The terrorist organization on Wednesday evening condemned the bombing of the al-Hadba lighthouse and the al-Nouri mosque, the center of the terrorist organization's succession, after being besieged by security forces. The terrorist act condemned senior government officials, including President Fuad Masum, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri.