National Alliance: We will defend the Faili Kurds and deny attempts to undermine them

The Iraqi National Alliance, on Thursday, that he will defend the Faili Kurds and their constitutional rights, condemning what he called irresponsible words that try to undermine the dignity of this component.

The Coalition said in a statement received by al-Ghad Press that "we are on the threshold of the end of the month of forgiveness and Ramadan, the holy month of Ramadan, and as we approach the victory of the Muzmar, , Among the ranks of our jealous people, and the classification of nationalities brotherhood on the dimensions of strange, and the last of our brotherhood of the Faili Kurds of attrition and suspicion and treachery.

"We are in the National Alliance as we denounce these irresponsible words that try to undermine the dignity of one of the components of our people, the Fili Kurds, confirm the originality and legacy of this component, because they are loyal citizens and constitute an important spectrum of ethnic diversity in Iraq, and sacrificed dearly and for the sake of Defend the soil of this homeland and we will defend them and their legitimate constitutional rights like all other cherished components. "

The coalition stressed the importance of uniting the ranks and the word, in order to defeat enemies, preserve the unity of our land, and move forward in building our nation and strengthening the flesh of its people.

The newspaper Elaph Saudi Arabia has published a statement attributed to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, which included several points on the referendum of Kurdistan and the legitimacy of its actions and areas covered by it, and the repercussions if it was conducted in September next, and those consequences is the withdrawal of Iraqi citizenship of all Kurds inside and outside Iraq, Including the Fili Kurds.

Saad al-Hadithi, spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, said on Sunday that the statement was quoted by a Saudi newspaper attributed to the prime minister, which shows the government's position on the referendum in the Kurdistan region. He stressed the need to obtain information from reliable sources.