Industry issues clarification on news of finding drugs in Al-Shifa neighborhood of Mosul
On Friday, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals issued a clarification on the circulation of a number of media outlets over the last two days regarding the discovery of tons of medicines by the security forces during the liberation of Al-Shifa neighborhood on the right side of the city of Mosul.

In a statement received by Al-Ghad Press, the company's general manager Falah Hassan Saleh said that "some of the images that were circulated in the media carry the slogan of Al-Hakamma Company, one of the companies in the mixed sector in the city of Mosul, which was granted a franchise for manufacturing from Samarra Pharmaceuticals before 2014 "Explaining that" the company submitted a petition under its book No. 402 on 14/9/2014 suspension of the concession contract because of the cessation of work after the entry of gangs calling the terrorist to the province of Nineveh and when the security situation improved. "

He pointed out that "the Board of Directors of the pharmaceutical company Samarra took a decision in its extraordinary session held on 5/11/2014 to agree to suspend the concession contract from 10/6/2014 until the improvement of security conditions in the province of Nineveh," noting that "
In the province of Kirkuk has been suspended since 2014 until today and that the company did not contract or prepare for any warehouse of the northern region, where the company is contracted with only four known and safe in Baghdad and Babylon.

Saleh said that "the production, which also appeared in some of the images transmitted by the media is the production of (NDI) any pharmaceutical company Nineveh before the merger and that no product was produced by this mark finally after the merger," noting that "After confirmation of the director of Nineveh factories It has been found that the terrorist gangs of Da'ash have exploited the stocks in the stores of the Nineveh Pharmaceutical Company from full production as well as the storage of raw materials and manufactured.