Al-Rifai district: We will start after the Eid with the construction of a bridge worth 955 million dinars

The local administration of al-Rifai district in northern Dhi Qar province confirmed on Thursday that it will start after the Eid al-Fitr to establish a bridge worth more than 900 million dinars, indicating the bridge amounts were allocated from the social benefits funds launched by Petronas oil company.

"There are many projects that we will implement after the Eid and were funded by the amounts of social benefits allocated by the oil companies operating in the judiciary," said Jamil Masir, the head of the judiciary.

He pointed out that "of these projects to establish a bridge linking the two sides of the judiciary worth 955 million Iraqi dinars," stressing that "start it will begin after Eid al-Fitr."

He explained that "the reasons for the delay in the construction of the bridge despite the availability of funds during the last period, is the existence of an additional technical disclosure, in which he requested the transfer of the pedestrian bridge in the judiciary now to another place, as it conflicts with the location of the new bridge."

He added that "the projects implemented with the funds of social benefits in Rifai, is to re-tiling the streets of the Prince district amid the judiciary," noting that "this neighborhood of the neighborhoods that will see a significant revival in the field of services during the coming period."