Iraqi Troops Recapture Al-Khazraj Area in Mosulís Old City

Iraqi Counter-Terrorism forces managed on Wednesday to fully recapture al-Khazraj area in the centre of the Old City district of Mosul and further isolate the Islamic State (IS) militants in the city.

"The anti-terrorism forces have managed to completely liberate al-Khazraj area, which is adjacent to the Faruq area," said Major Ali Mohsen, an officer from Counter-Terrorism Service.

Mohsen told BasNews that their forces have also retaken 90% of Faruq, where the troops are advancing slowly to protect the civilians used by the militants as human shields.

Moreover, the security forces have taken full control of the fifth bridge, the last of the five bridges in Mosul, Major Mohsen said, noting that "the teams of military engineering defused twenty explosive devices which had been attached to the bridge by the extremists with the aim of blowing up the bridge.