Germany gives Iraq and the Kurdistan region another 28 million euros

The German Consulate General in Arbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, announced Tuesday that Germany will grant Iraq and the Kurdistan Region another 28 million euros to help the citizens of the liberated areas of the control of the “Da’ash” terrorist.
“The German government is continuing its assistance to Iraq and the Kurdistan region,” the statement said, pointing out that it is scheduled to grant 28 million euros of aid to the program of cash assistance to citizens in areas of crisis and areas liberated from the control of “Da’ash” terrorist.
According to the statement, the amount will include all those areas that have been exposed to humanitarian and housing problems because of the war of the organization “Da’ash” terrorist and deprived of the initial supplies of life and help children with the provision of safe water and medical supplies.
Germany is one of the countries in the international coalition to fight the terrorist organization “Da’ash” and has so far provided more than 92 million euros of military, humanitarian and financial assistance to the Kurdistan Region and other areas in Iraq.
The total assistance provided by Germany 130 million euros, as well as assistance in the field of training and military rehabilitation of the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army in the face of terrorists “Da’ash.”