Iraqi Forces Retake Fifth Bridge of Mosul

The last and firth bridge of Mosul on the Tigris was controlled by the Iraqi forces on Tuesday, adding to the current direct routes between the eastern and western banks of the city, the spokesperson for the major operation to liberate Mosul announced on Tuesday.

Abdulamir Yarallah was quoted by the Iraqi media outlets as saying now the forces who controlled the bridge have secured a direct path to the Iraqi forces on the opposite side of the bridge in Raskur neighborhood in the Old City of Mosul.

However, due to constant airstrikes the bridge is currently out of use.
Yarallah added troops from the Armored Ninth Division of the army also controlled the southern parts of Shifa neighborhood.

The retaken areas include the ancient Bashtania Citadel, the Juvenile Reform Center, the sacred shrine of Yahya Abu Qasem, Nineveh Health Office and Mariya Church.