Post-ISIS era 'important' to resolve political disputes Jabouri

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri has stressed the importance of using post-ISIS era to create an appropriate environment that resolves all political disputes and meets the demands of the Iraqi people, a statement revealed on Monday.

This will contribute to economic advancement and increase communication opportunities with the international community, he noted.

The statement issued by al-Jabouri's media office said that the parliament speaker and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi discussed in a meeting developments of the Iraqi situation at the security and political levels.

They also discussed the means to enhance the international and regional role of Iraq, make use of the Iraqi forces' victories momentum to oust ISIS from Iraq, restore security and stability in the country and facilitate the return of displaced people, the statement read.

Moreover, during the meeting, Jabouri and Abadi addressed the prime minister's regional tours and issues that will be discussed with Arab leaders.

Parliament speaker and Abadi agreed that Iraq supports any constructive dialogue that can find solutions to the region's problems and bring together the viewpoints of different parties, according to the statement.

It added that the two Iraqi leaders had stressed that Iraq has paid dearly for efforts to counter terrorism and stabilize the region.