Transport proposes granting Turkish drivers a six-month entry mark as a "goodwill gesture"
The Turkish Ministry of Transport proposed Monday that Turkish drivers be granted entry visas for six months as a gesture of good faith to ease their entry into Iraqi territory.

A source in the Ministry of Transport told "Al-Gharab Press" that "the ministry proposed during a meeting with its Turkish counterpart in Baghdad recently, granting Turkish drivers a six-month entry feature as a gesture of good faith to facilitate their entry into Iraqi territory," noting that "the Turkish side welcomed the proposal The Iraqi side to form a committee to facilitate transport and trade between the two countries. "

He added that "the Iraqi side rejected a proposal by the Turks, to allow them to enter all Iraqi provinces, because of the activation of the law of the national carrier, which will complete the transfer of cargo from the port of Zurbatiya into Iraq, and also rejected a request from the Turkish side to grant transit approval, Kuwait through Iraqi territory. "

The source pointed out that "the Turkish side dealt during the meeting, talking about the decline of Turkish exports due to the suffering faced by the Turkish drivers when they enter through the Ibrahim al-Khalil border crossing, and the fees imposed on their cargo, in addition to the shift of control of the zero to the office of a Turkish customs duties on other charges Turkish "And proposed" the entry of Turkish trucks through Iranian territory, so he can pay the fees for one time. "

The source said that "a bilateral meeting between the Iraqi and Turkish sides in Baghdad at the end of last month, headed by the Iraqi side, the technical agent of the ministry, Abbas Omran Musa, while heading the Turkish side, the technical adviser of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Transportation, Shaaban Atlas, in the presence of the Iraqi ambassador in Ankara" .