Palestinian reconciliation government calls on Hamas to hand over all facilities in the Gaza Strip
The Palestinian reconciliation government on Monday called on Hamas to hand over all the facilities of the Gaza Strip, which it has controlled for 10 years, and witness a sharp escalation in its humanitarian crises.

"Hamas must dissolve its so-called administrative committee for Gaza and hand over all government institutions to the government of reconciliation so that it can carry out its duties towards our people in the Gaza Strip," government spokesman Tareq Rishmawi said in a press statement.

"Hamas' continued exercise of de facto authority in Gaza, the imposition of illegal taxes, the confiscation of revenue funds, the disruption of many projects and the forcible blocking of elections for local bodies will strengthen the division and increase the suffering of the population," Rishmawi said.

This comes as the Palestinian Energy Authority in Gaza announced that Israel began to reduce the supply of electricity supplied to the coastal sector at the request of the Palestinian Authority.

The Gaza Strip, home to more than 2 million people, has been under severe Israeli siege since mid-2007, amid international and human rights warnings, exacerbated by shortages of services, and record poverty and unemployment.

Internal differences between Hamas and the Al-Wefaq government, formed under reconciliation understandings in mid-2014, add to the hardships of life in the Gaza Strip on the backdrop of the government's complaint that it is unable to manage the sector.