The seizure of a "huge" warehouse contains materials for the manufacture of "bazookas" in the Mosul Ayman

The Military Intelligence Directorate announced on Monday the discovery of a large warehouse containing raw materials for the manufacture of the equipment of the bazooka launcher, pointing to the discovery of weapons, rockets and mortar rounds inside the warehouse in the first Musherafah area in Ayman Mosul.

The Directorate said in a statement, "Al-Ghad Press" a copy of it, that "the continuation of its consistent approach to follow-up sleeper cells and the destruction of sources of funding and arming and tracking the headquarters and warehouses of terrorist gangs Da'ash, the Task Force / Task Force II of the Directorate of Military Intelligence, On a huge warehouse containing thousands of raw materials in the manufacture of equipment for the pipe launcher named (Bazooka).

"A number of weapons were also found inside the warehouse."
"The weapons consist of 21 anti-armor rocket launchers, 6 bazooka launchers, 4 SPG9 missiles, 2 anti-personnel rockets and 120 mm mortar rounds."

The warehouse was found "in the first area of ​​Musheirfa on the right side of Mosul," she said.

The security forces have been fighting the liberation of the right side of Mosul since last February, amid the decline of the organization calling the terrorist and loss of its areas and the progress of security forces.