Villages in the east of Diyala daily bombarded with mortars with the ears of Morocco

Diyala provincial council member Amer Kilani on Sunday warned of a terrorist plot to displace 5,000 people from their villages south of Baladrouz district, east of the province.

Al-Kilani told Al-Ghad Press that "the villages and areas of Dainiya, south of Baladrouz district, east of Diyala, have recently been subjected to mortar shelling on a daily and repeated basis with the time of the Azan of Morocco, which prompted the residents of these villages to make distress calls to save them from this bombing."

He added that "the repeated bombing of these villages is only a terrorist plot by groups outside the law to displace the population," warning of "neglect this file, which was put to force the inhabitants of these villages to leave after the shelling with mortar, Grave wherever it fell. "

Al-Kilani said that "the bodies that launch mortars are known in the center, where the wheels of four-wheel drive bombardment of the villages mentioned in moving from the orchards and nearby areas and withdraw in different directions."

He called on the security services in Diyala to "open an urgent investigation of this file and put a preventive plan to save thousands of residents in the villages mentioned, as well as to prosecute those who try to tamper with the security of the province repeatedly," pointing out that "neglect will make the achievements and championships of security forces during the years and months in the past The province forget and go in the wind. "

The villages south of the district of Baladrouz east of Diyala has been subjected in the past 48 hours to bombardment with eight mortar shells, causing damage without casualties.