A company affiliated to the Ministry of Industry in Dhi Qar distributed 75 thousand dinars "Eid" for each associate

The General Administration of Or Company of the Ministry of Industry in Dhi Qar announced on Sunday that it will pay the Eid reward to its employees.

The general manager of the company, Haidar Sahar, told Al-Ghad Press that "the decision to pay the Eid reward came in implementation of the recommendations of the Board of Directors of the company to distribute the Eid al-Fitr reward to all members." He pointed out that "the number of employees covered by Eidiyah is more than 3250 members"

He stressed that "the amount of Eidiyah will be 75000 dinars per associate," noting that "this step comes to support the company's employees and motivate them to provide the best service to the Iraqi industry."

"The Eid did not include employees assigned outside the company, as well as those who have a vacation more than 10 days," he said.